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SACRAMENTS: Baptism / Weddings / Sacrament of the Sick


Held before or after Mass, for specific time, please call the parish office at 723.5565 ext. 115 to make arrangements for baptism.

Matrimony / Weddings

All couples wishing to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage are asked to email Kris Parker at least 6 months in advance of your intended wedding date.


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1st Communion (Eucharist) is received in 2nd Grade after 2 years of Faith Formation.


Every Friday at 6:00 p.m. at church or by appointment calling Fr. Oriol at 723-5565

Sacrament of the Sick

Home visitation and hospital visits for this Sacrament can be arranged with notification to the parish office.  Call the office at 723.5565 ext. 110 or email our office at  We also suggest listing your religion and parish upon admission to a hospital as this is the only way we will be notified by the hospital.


Rite of Christian Intiation of Adults

Are you interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church?
Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God?
A sense of belonging to a community of faith?
A greater fulfillment of your mission in life?  
Candidates may include:   -  Persons who are not baptized  -  Persons who have been baptized in another Christian denomination   -  Persons who have been Baptized as Catholics but are not participating. 
We invite you to consider beginning the process of initiation into the Church.  Our RCIA Team members include Father Oriol, Ray Hernderson and Kris Parker.  Please contact the Parish Office at 723-5565 ext. 110 or talk with a team member.  You can also email

Mt Olivet Cemetary 

Mount Olivet Cemetery has been owned and operated
by St. Patrick Catholic Church since 1895.
Located at the west end of Court Street in Elkhorn,
Mount Olivet Cemetery has recently acquired
an adjacent twenty eight acres of vacant real estate which will assure the cemetery’s continued existence for many generations to come.  During the past five years, the cemetery has seen many improvements; new flower gardens, statues, trees and the replacement of the old gravel paths with blacktop roads. The association, comprised of church members, oversees the operation of the cemetery including the sale of lots and the maintenance and continued improvement of the grounds. 
For information regarding the cemetery, including the sale of lots, please contact the rectory at 262-723-5565. Are you looking for burial information on a deceased relative or friend?  The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries website may be a good place to start.  This site contains historical information on the location of thousands of people buried in area cemeteries.