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Pastoral Council

The council shall be a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the parish by nourishing growth among the parish family, by the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents and by encouraging positive relationships among all members of the parish and between the parish and community.

The council, after prayerful deliberation, shall be involved in the planning, operating, maintaining and financing of the parish, with a vision for the future and a strong basis in stewardship, thereby maintaining our Mission Statement.

The Council shall initiate and support those activities and programs which foster the spiritual, intellectual, moral, and temporal well-being of the parish and shall make a contribution to archdiocesan goals and policies.

The council consists of eleven members including eight elected members holding three-year terms.

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the parish office.  Join us! Meetings are open to all parish members with the exception of specified closed meetings.

Parish Pastoral Council Members